Read what people are saying about their experiences at the Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center.

A Better Day, A Better Year, A Better Life

“Northwest Therapeutic is an amazing place. I have two autistic sons who took lessons through FACES there. They loved it do much we’re doing lessons there this fall!”

“An awesome place with great staff helping special people!”

“Therapeutic Riding has helped my daughter achieve more confidence physically, gain more body awareness, increase balance and core strength, along with just being a very fun activity which she enjoys quite a bit. Therapeutic riding is also a great tool to help increase social practice, cognitive development and responsibility with animals.”

“I was affected during my community service when I saw immense improvement in the riders during the lessons. They got so much better with their positions (posture) and you could see the glow on their faces. It makes me glad to see them happy and enjoying themselves."

"Riding has helped to strengthen my sons torso, improved his posture and balance so he can sit up by himself."

Madison’s Experience With the NWTRC

As told by her father, Kaler Crane at "Denim to Diamonds" November 6, 2010

Madison Crane is an 18 year old young lady who lives in a loving home with her mother, father and two brothers.

She has always been a big part of her family, participating in all her family events. Sharing the good and the bad times that every family shares.

Madison has watched while her brothers have participated in their chosen activities. Going to her younger brothers’ football games, by riding along to pick up her older brother from theatrical rehearsals and performances.... Hours of her life have been spent just to help making these activities possible for the ones she loves the most.

Never complaining, never resisting, but always on the sideline.

Madison has never been invited to a friends house after school, has never been invited to a birthday party, a sleep over or a dance. She has never had a special friend that she could be close to and share with.Madison has never had the special moments that she can cherish as hers, just hers. The moments that make her feel that these are her memories, her joy.

That has all changed.

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