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NWTRC’s horses are specially trained and cared for daily. Sponsoring a horse enables us to continue providing the highest quality care, keeping the cost of lessons low for our participants. Your contributions will help cover the multitude of expenses associated with upkeep: feed, bedding, vet bills, hoof care, vaccinations, training and exercise for these wonderful animals. In return, our horses offer the highest quality performance for our participants. A win-win!

Sponsorships are available to individuals, companies, clubs, or any other organization.

Sponsorships are fully tax-deductible. You or your organization will receive benefits for your generosity, including 2 NWTRC t-shirts, acknowledgment for your support at all NWTRC events and website, along with a link to your business.

Our tax exempt EIN number is 91-1556276.

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OR – just give us a call!! Julia Bozzo at 360-966-2124

Best wishes and thank you so much!