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Dutch Treat

DUTCH TREAT  1982 - May 8, 2013

Dutch Treat 1982 - May 8, 2013 We, at the Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center, sadly announce the passing of our beautiful "Dutch Treat" (DT), (a Dutch Warmblood), at the age of 31. For the past 16 years, DT set the highest standard with her exemplary work ethic and personality, a true shining star in our program. She was honored in 2012 with the prestigious PATH Intl. Region 9 Therapeutic Horse of the Year Award for her many years of service and extensive talents as a mainstay in our versatile program.

Throughout her life, DT always performed to the best of her ability. She could do it all - dressage, jumping, western pleasure, patient, kind and dependable therapeutic lesson horse; the leader of the pack. Several of our students have ridden DT for 16 consecutive years and will truly miss her, as will all of us at NWTRC. A final thank you goes to her owners, Pat Holmes and Carrie Bieber, who generously loaned DT to participate in our program all these years.

All who knew her will never forget Dutch Treat, the gorgeous, big white mare. We are establishing a memorial fund in her honor, the Stride For Distinction Fund, to continue the standards of excellence and follow in DT's hoofprints.

Farewell DT, our grand old dame, and thank you for gracing our lives.

"Dutch Treat" (DT) Region 9 Horse of the Year!!!

Grooming Dutch Treat - 2012 Region 9 Horse of the Year NorthWest Therapeutic Riding Center's beautiful (30 yr. old Dutch Warmblood) 'DT', has been awarded the 2012 Region 9 Therapeutic Horse of the Year by the PATH Intl.

Region 9 encompasses Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. DT was honored for her service to NWTRC at the PATH Intl. Awards Banquet in Bellevue on November 2nd.

We are delighted that DT has been recognized for her exemplary work ethic and personality. Here are a few tributes from those who know her:

Dutch Treat - 2012 Region 9 Horse of the Year "Over 15 years of working with this amazing horse, and DT never fails to amaze me. A true schoolmaster in our versatile program, this horse does it all! She always performs to the best of her riders' abilities. Sound, kind, calm, responsive, an embodiment of all things we look for in our horses."  Julia (Director of NWTRC)

"DT is an exemplary 'school master'; she is patient, hard working and very responsive to her riders. At 30 years old, DT has dedicated half of her life to working with riders who have disabilities. Years of showing and Pony Club have allowed her to be an excellent teacher to riders of all abilities. However, she is an especially good partner to riders who are learning more advanced riding skills."   Hilary (NWTRC Riding Instructor)

"This horse helps me with my communication skills; I understand my horse and my horse understands me. DT is very patient; I learn patience from her. I am learning about Temple Grandin and studying animal behavior in school because of my relationship with DT. She is the most special horse." Michelle (rider)

"DT is good. DT has helped me by letting me pet her. Petting DT makes me feel good because she feels good. I love to ride DT and have been riding her for many years." Amy (rider)

DT joins her stablemates Kurt and Kleng as NWTRC's third Region 9 Horse Of the Year.


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